FlashFXP v5.4.0.3939 @ 06/26/2016
  • Our previous fix for parsing [IPv6]:port introduced an unexpected issue parsing IPv4:port on the hostname field. This update addresses the issue.
FlashFXP v5.4.0.3936 @ 06/17/2016
  • Fixed: An issue parsing compressed IPv6 addresses when using the IP address dialog with [IPv6]:port pairs.
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented renaming files on the remote server when running FlashFXP under Wine.
  • Minor change to the Site Manager, the search bar has been reverted back to the top position to make the work-flow and TAB stops more logical.
FlashFXP v5.4.0.3935 @ 06/15/2016
  • In response to a possible local memory corruption vulnerability that was reported by Vulnerability Laboratory; We have restricted the length of text allowed in all input controls, placed memory restrictions on certain functions to prevent out of memory errors from occurring, and if one gets past our checks we now prevent the application from continuing after an out of memory error.
  • Updated: The FlashFXP installer has been updated from InstallAware Studio 15 to InstallAware Studio X4, Now with full Unicode support and SHA256 authenticode code signing.
  • Change: The file list is no longer automatically re-sorted after a file rename operation.
  • Change: Several text phrases were changed and/or re-worded. Please take a moment and help us update the translations. Thank you.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when moving remote items to a new folder when the target folder is created from within the move dialog.
  • Fixed: On the 'Calculate Server Space Used' dialog the list-view sort arrows were broken.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.