FlashFXP Tutorials

Tutorial 5: File operations

Here we will talk about some other basic file operations.

Creating a directory

To create a directory you can click in the local or remote view depending on where you want the directory to be created and then press INSERT key. You can also right-click and select Make Folder from the menu.
You will get a dialog asking you for the name of the directory you want to create.
Type in a name and click OK to have it created.

FlashFXP | Create new folder dialog

Deleting files and folders

To delete a file or folder select it and press the DELETE key. You can make multiple selections. You can also right-click and select Delete from the menu.
You will get a dialog where you have to confirm you want the delete the files.
Press Yes to have them deleted or No to cancel the action.
Be careful when deleting files so you don't delete any important files

FlashFXP | Delete selected dialog

File Attributes (CHMOD)

File Attributes (CHMOD) is an important command on UNIX servers when dealing with scripts and such for your website. Often when you install a script you have to give it the correct permissions. You do this by selecting one or more files and pressing the CTRL-O key combination, or you can also right-click and select Attributes (CHMOD) from the menu.
You will see a dialog that looks like this:

FlashFXP | Change File Attributes dialog

Now you can give the correct permissions, which are often described in the script documentation. You can give them by clicking the checkboxes or by directly typing in a permission code such as 755. When you are done click OK or Cancel.

Renaming a file

To rename a file select it and press the F2 key, or right-click on a file and select Rename. It will look like this: Change the name and press Enter.

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