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Thumbs down Files are corrupt when transfer complete

I'm using a paid for version of FlashFXP. Version is 2.0 RC2 Build 869 (30 Jul 2002).

I had this problem with the older trial version, so I registered in the vain hope that this would somehow be fixed. It hasn't. I then downloaded latest version. Same problem.

FTP server on the other end is Bullet Proof.

I've read some posts about Binary transfers having to be set. They are, no post has told me the solution to the problem.

The files when downloaded are a few bytes to big, and some that are correct size fail CRC checks.

Here is a example of my transfer window (personal stuff has been X'd out).

FlashFXP v2.0 Release Candidate 2 (Debug Version)
Online Support Forums http://forum.flashfxp.com
WinSock 2.0
Connecting to XXXXXXXX
Connected to XXXXX.XXXXX Port XXXX
331 Password required for XXXXXX.
PASS (hidden)
230 User XXXXXX logged in.
215 UNIX Type: L8
REST 100
350 REST supported. Ready to resume at byte offset 100.
350 REST supported. Ready to resume at byte offset 0.
250 CWD command successful. "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" is current directory.
257 "XXXXXXXXX" is current directory.
200 Type set to I.
227 Entering Passive Mode (XXX,XX,9,7,177,163).
150 Data connection accepted from XXX.XX.70.147:3635; transfer starting for XXXXXX.rar (20971150 bytes).
226 Transfer ok
Transferred: XXXXXXX.rar 20,968,514 bytes in 42:21 (8.06 KBps)
You can probably notice the difference in byte sizes !

The file at my end is corrupt However, if I keep trying this file eventually it will download correctly and CRC check correctly. The problem is I have about 200 of these files to download and I'm getting pretty p***** with it all.


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If you are using zone alarm, turn it off...it is known to cause data corruption. Other than that, are you going through a router/firewall?
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Thanks for quick reply. I'll give you credit for that.

I am using Zone Alarm.

So you are advising me as a workaround to turn off my firewall ? Open up my Windoze PC to the scary people on the internet ?

Now I can see where this is leading to (the usual way Support departments deal with problems) - you're blaming ZoneAlarm.

And I guess if I contact ZoneAlarm they'll blame you.

Well I must state that I've been using ZoneAlarm for 2 years and I've never ever had a problem using any other software that uses the net. This includes your rivals (e.g. CuteFTP) and all sorts of programs from file sharing apps, browsers & FTP servers.

If I were a gambling man I'd place a bet on the problem being at your end.

Please explain in technical terms (I am a programmer/savvy PC user) how ZoneAlarm is clashing with FlashFXP when I have given FlashFXP ALL Zonealarm privelages on all ports ?

I cannot believe that turning off my firewall is being given to me as advice. This is of not benefit to me or my security at all. This is just a simple solution for the coders of FlashFXP so they don't have to investiagate the real issue.

Of course, if you can provide me with a more technical response I might be persuaded to believe the problem is ZoneAlarm, and I will contact them with this information.

Until then I'm going to leave the ball in your court.
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ok buddy, if you don't want our help it's your problem.
we asked you to try something to see if it'll fix the problem. we'r not askig you to stop using ZA. just temporary disable/uninstall it and see if it'll fix the problem.
ZA uses it's TrueVector "technology" which causes conflict with some software. it was confirmed by Zonelabs and they are working to fix it.
if you'd spent 2 minutes search message board you'd see many people complain about ZA corrupting their transfers, and not only using FlashFXP. for some all it took was upgrade to NEWEST available ZA version, other switched to better firewall software.

we do want to investigate the issue, but seems like you refuse to work with us so there is nothing we can do.
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I have disabled ZoneAlarm Pro and am just testing the file transfers now. As they are 20 meg they take a while.

But if I disable it and then say it works, what are you going to tell me ?

Disable ZoneAlarm Pro is what you will tell me, and that's why I replied stating I'd never had problems with ZA & any other program after 2 years usage.

After using FlashFXP for 1 week I have many problems with downloads.
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ZoneAlarm has had constant comaptiblity problems, not just with FlashFXP. I personally contacted the makers of ZoneAlarm and they told me the problem would be addressed in a future update. This was many months ago and several updates have since been released. It is my understanding that the latest version is supposed to be comaptible but that simply doesn't appear to be the case.

The person I contacted never told me specifically what was causing the problem, I asked them if there was anything I could do and they told me no, and that it was their problem.

When a Passive mode connection is established (you connect to the server). The sever side sends all of the data and closes the socket, the socket is closed before the client receives all of it. however a linger operation is active so the socket doesn't actually close until all of the data is recieved. For whatever reason the socket is being closed permaturely by Zone Alarm and you loose a chunk off the end of the file.
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Originally posted by bigstar
For whatever reason the socket is being closed permaturely by Zone Alarm and you loose a chunk off the end of the file.
This might explain sometimes why I get the files too small.

But just as many times the files are too big !

Now, I note from the status window that FlashFXP recognises how big the file is before the transfer starts. Then when it transfers it tells me how many bytes it transferred (the 2 are usually different when the transfer has gone wrong).

Couldn't you put in some code (maybe as a special ZA option) to calculate at the end of the transfer if these 2 values are different, and then either resume the transfer to download the remainder or cut off X bytes from the end of the downloaded file ?

Or do you know a program which will cut X bytes off the end of a file, it would be interesting to test the files that are too big, if I cut of the extra data if they will then CRC check.
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I transferred 2 x 20 meg RAR files from 2 different servers with ZoneAlarm disabled and they both worked (suprise, suprise!).

But this still doesn't tell me if the problem is with FlashFXP or ZoneAlarm Pro.

For instance, how come CuteFTP works OK ? They are basically sending the same commands to the server are they not ?

I chose FlashFXP because it seems a more usable program and has better options.

I still believe there must be a solution/workaround that could be done at the FlashFXP side of things.

I've read some Google posts and see this appears to be a problem with FTP/software firewalls in general. This includes the likes of Microsoft's XP "Firewall" and ZoneAlarm. I disabled Microsoft's XP firewall on the day of installing XP as I wouldn't trust Microsoft with anything.

I have not seen any info on ZoneAlarm's site regarding any compatibility issues.

Do you guys recommend a software firewall that works ? One that I could try ?

I definitely recommend that you post a common thread (or possibly a warning when buying FlashFXP) for users of ZoneAlarm as it is quite a popular product.

I still do not know which side the problem lies with - like I said, I've never ever had a problem with ZA.
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Kerio firewall, Tiny firewall, Norton Personal Firewall/Norton Internet Security, Sygate firewall, BlackIce...all of these seem to work fine with FlashFXP.

Kerio, Tiny and, i belive, Sygate have freeware versions.
check out this thread for more info http://www.dslreports.com/forum/rema...ty,1~mode=flat
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Thanks for those links.

But I'm still determined to get FlashFXP & ZoneAlarm working and to analyse exactly what the problem is. I'm busy doing this now.

This is because:

A - I like FlashFXP (despite this severe problem). And I've paid for it too !

B - I like ZoneAlarm Pro (never had a problem with anything else). And I've paid for that.

C - I hate computer problems that are left "unresolved".

May I suggest a joint effort with the FlashFXP people and ZoneAlarm users, rather than just giving up and choosing the easy "uninstall Zonealarm" option ?
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Right - I've got Zonealarm on, and 1 file has just worked OK. This could be a fluke so until it downloads a few in a row OK I'm not 100% sure this has fixed it.

Changes I have made since the problem first occured (I think it might be the last one that fixed it).

Downloaded 3 Windows XP Updates (now fully updated). I regulary do this normally but I've been busy with FTPing !

XP updates where:

Q326830: Security Update (Windows XP)
Q323172: Security Update (Windows XP)
Q323759: August, 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer 6 (Windows XP)

Enabled FlashFXP to have server rights (within ZA Pro). This is strange because normally if a program needs server rights it will request them and you will see a message from ZA.

FYI I am using the following software:

Flash FXP v2.0 RC2 (build 869) - Registered.

Windows XP Pro (all updates installed).

ZoneAlarm Pro v3.0.134 - the following are my ZA Pro settings/info:

Turevector v3.0.134
Driver version v3.0.134
Gateway enforcement is enabled

FlashFXP can access all ports in both Internet & Trusted Zones for Access & Server.

Privacy for FlashFXP is disabled (why enable it, it is not a browser!).

Bypass lock is enabled (I do not think this will have any significance).

All software (FlashFXP, WinXP, ZoneAlarm) are fully up to date as of 1st September 2002.

If you have similar ZA problems with FlashFXP I suggest you try the ZA config I have above, and all product updates for your OS.

If you still have problems then post full details of your OS, FlashFXP version and ZoneAlarm version (state wether free version or Pro).

Also it might be a good idea to send this info to ZoneLabs (the makers of ZA). If enough people do this then the problem will be resolved by either ZoneLabs or FlashFXP, or both parties if it's a combination.

I appreciate the support work the guys on here do (they have faces).

ZoneLabs don't have faces - so the more they get reports of these problems the more they are likely to look into them.


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Zonealarm sucks bigtime, do yourself a fav and get rid of it. If you want a good firewall use winroute, and a bonus, it doesn't seem to have any issues with FXP either, which i miss :-( (i dont use it anymore)
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Blackice has no problems either... i've been using it for long time now.
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Default FYI

As i've been following the development of several firewall (including those discussed in this thread) i have read MANY tests.
Several firewalls seem to pass many tests..though ZA is the ONLY firewall that has passed with flying colors. So advising someone to get rid of ZA and switch to some other FW is just plain stupid.

As the thread-starter states this matter should be resolved - and NOT by getting rid of ZA.

I used ZA for years myself. Never had ANY problems what-so-ever.

This matter CAN and SHOULD be resolved.

Those of you who claim that ZA sucks obviously have not been following the development of firewalls during the last 5 years.

Sure you can switch to some other firewall. But would that be a solution? Installing a FW that can not protect you in the way that ZA can? I think that is called "false security sence".

MANY problems with ZA occour cause people don't know how to properly configure it.

Just my thoughts...
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I've had a lot of problems with ZA. I even have the "files too small" problem and that just started happening one day, and when I tried to disable ZA it didn't happend (tested this for a few days, just to make sure).
When it comes to other software, ZA liked to reset my settings, so it refuses to let software access the internet (that was a while since it happend thou).

As to other ftp programs, I have no idea.. not used another for several years.
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