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Default FlashFXP v2.0 RC3

FlashFXP v2.0 Release Candidate 3 is now official.

Download Full Install [2.47MB]

We'd like to hear from you, please tell us what you think here.
Finally a totally new help file. What do you think? Please give us comments.

This build has been compiled with debug logging, Errors will be saved to a debug.log in your FlashFXP folder.

Whatsnew for FlashFXP v2.0 RC3

- Changes -
1. When creating a copy of a site in the site manager the site is no longer named "Copy of <site> (1)", it is now named "<Site> (1)", the "Copy of" has been removed.
2. The option "items per column" has been moved to an ini only setting MIPrCol=X where X is the number of items per column.
3. Optimized local listing, slight speed increase 0.09% per item, reduced memory usage 8 bytes per item.
4. File Associations has been modified to accept wildcard masks file.ext (*.*) previously only extensions were allowed, I have realized that the old method did not meet every ones needs. The first time you run this build the old associations will be updated to the new format.
5. Go & stop transfer after file icons have been replaced.
6. When pasting a ftp:// url into the host field of the site manager, the url is now automatically parsed.
7. The failed transfer icon in the queue. it's now red
8. When passing the application password via the command line you must quote it i.e. -pass="mypass"
9. If a site contained within the active queue is renamed/moved via the site manager the queue is updated to reflect the changes.
10. Removed the "display size in bytes" option and replaced it with an option to select displaying the size in bytes, kb, auto. auto is default.
11. Updated Secure Socket Layer dlls Security Alert

- Added -
1. If you have a 5 button mouse and forward/backwards isn't working you can try adding XMouse=1 to the flashfxp.ini, this will enable an alternative method of detection but it is not as good as the default.
2. When connected to a site in SSL/TLS a lock icon is displayed in the status bar.

- Bug Fixes -
1. Integer overflow error when viewing/editing files via the FTP File Search, no error was displayed but view/edit failed after the first attempt.
2. One of my previous fixes caused a new bug which has been fixed. Under winxp toggling the toolbar button color caused the buttons to grow larger and larger.
3. If a site is configured to override the default File Exist Rules, clicking Configure on the File Exists prompt will display the site specific rules.
4. Access violation when trying to export a custom command group when the root doesn't contain any commands. [reported by Jesper]
5. Access violation during a move operation when the connection was lost during the move. [reported by NixZ]
6. When renaming a group in the site manager FlashFXP incorrectly evaluated the type of item selected, as a result after renaming a group the apply button becomes enabled. [reported by Shorty]
7. Under WinXP when the list view style was set to large/small icon local file listings were incomplete.
8. Bug in the local display that caused windows shortcuts to display a partial filename.
9. Under some conditions custom commands failed to execute.
10. A serious issue that causes small files to stall when performing a site to site transfer.
11. I believe all issues with WinXP styles and the tool buttons have been resolved. Please let me know if this is not the case.
12. Dead lock bug when toggling visible columns in the local view under some conditions.
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Default FlashFXP RC3 build 876

The public release of RC3 has been updated to build 876 and addresses several minor problems.

1. FlashFXP failed to start on Win95 if HTML Help was not installed, the required file hhctrl.ocx was not found. To resolve this problem the hhctrl.ocx dll is no longer statically linked to FlashFXP. It is loaded on startup and handled safely if not found. If hhctrl.ocx is not found Help will not be available.
2. Fixed Integer Overflow in Hidden Nibbles game.. [reported by cynix]
3. Fixed Integer Overflow/Range in MD4/MD5 units. (Overflow checking should have been disabled in these 3rd party units as they were not designed to allow Overflow/Range checking) [reported by greatG]
4. When adding a Quick Connect site to the Site Manager it's bookmarks and stats are now copied.
5. Fixed for whatever reason the custom command help was missing, it's been added back.
6. Fixed Access Violation [reported by codex666]
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