FlashFXP v5.0.0.3775 @ 10/15/2014
  • Improved the method and logic behind the "application password protection" feature to lock all data files during the switch between encrypted <> non-encrypted mode. When sharing the data files with other machines or syncing via apps such as drop-box, BitTorrent Sync, etc. could result in mis-matched files where some data files were encrypted and some are not. This was only an issue when multiple copies of FlashFXP were running across different machines and the "application password protection" was set, password changed, or turned off.
  • Fixed error when connecting to a site that used a x.509 or key pair with the strong security option set. The code in the pass-phrase dialog prompt was wrong.
  • Fixed compare folder content / compare by size was not working correctly.
  • Fixed access violation error closing FlashFXP while the "Calculate server space used" dialog was open.
  • Added additional sanity checks when reading the "File Transfer Rules" settings, some users upgrading from 4.x and below appear to have unexpected values resulting in an A/V crash.
  • Fixed a problem with some site profile settings not being saved in the Site Manager if you rename the site name via the General tab without immediately clicking the Apply button before making any any other site site profile changes.
  • Fixed In Preferences / General / Confirmations, 4 of the check-box values were swapped (check values didn't match the option caption) causing confirmation dialogs to appear unexpectedly or not at all.
  • Fixed issue with raw command "/queue selected ". The command did not work as expected.
  • Fixed dead-lock when passing % tokens to raw command modifiers i.e. /test (%p%f)
  • Added file not found status message when using the (), (), (), etc raw command modifiers and the file is not found. these command modifiers can now be used on plain text as well provided the text does not start with \ or ?:\ i.e. /echo SHA1 hash of hi = ("hi")
FlashFXP v5.0.0.3771 @ 9/19/2014
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1i
  • Added support for TLSv1.2
  • Added full UTF-8/Unicode support.
  • Added support for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. PCRE can be used in place of simple wild card matching. To use PCRE the pattern must be prefixed with rx: for example use rx: .*(txt|log)$ to match files ending with .txt or .log.
  • Added many new macro commands for use in custom commands.
  • The indirect site to site (FXP) transfer mode is now much more reliable when handling broken connections and transfer errors.
  • Added the ability to send shell commands over SSH when connected to a SFTP server.
  • This release includes dozens of minor improvements and bug fixes