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Whats new


New and Improved features

1.Added support for ECSDA key pairs.

2.Added support for new SFTP Ciphers (aes256-gsm@openssh.com, aes128-gsm@openssh.com)

3.Added support for new SFTP Key Exchange Algorithms (ecdh-sha-curve25519, ecdh-sha2-nistt-*,ecdh-sha2-nistb-*, ecdh-sha2-nistk-*)

4.Added support for new SFTP Message Authentication Codes (aes256-gcm, aes128-gcm)

5.Fixed: Several minor issues in the Server File Search dialog.

6.Fixed: the ability to use :age and :size tokens, in some cases they were failing.

7.Improved speed (5x faster) when evaluating skiplist items.

8.Changed the behavior of the View & Edit operations to work with multiple items selected.

9.Improved compatibility with broken FTP servers, specifically I found on several android based FTP servers where that return a path missing the leading slash in the PWD reply.

10.Improved the cache logic of a remote move or rename operation to update the cache accordingly; In addition if the Server File Search dialog is open the results are updated to reflect these changes as well.

11.Improved indirect site to site transfers. Added additional checking to ensure the file is completely downloaded before uploading, in some rare cases due to server error the download could be complete yet the server indicates the file was sent successfully.

12.Fixed a couple minor issues with the synchronized browsing feature.

13.Fixed an access violation crash when the connection is lost during a make directory operation via the SFTP protocol.

14.Fixed issue with duplicate folders in the navigation tree list after a folder is deleted.

15.Improved parsing the LIST output of MacOS based FTP servers that use the format defined by "MacOS Peter's Server" but use a custom name in the SYST reply.

16.Fixed parsing wildcard mask modifiers in cases where the mask modifer doesn't come first. i.e. "*2* :age+1d" when using mask select or via custom commands /select /andselect /selectall /deselect

17.Updated SecureBlackBox, This update adds support for additional Ciphers, MACs (message authentication codes), and KEXs (key exchange algorithms).

18.Added new "Tango (medium)" toolbar image set consisting of 48x48 images.


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