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Queue Window


Transfer (Ctrl + Z)

Starts transferring the items in the queue.


Open source folder 

Change the browser window to the location of the source folder.

Open target folder

Change the browser window to the location of the target folder.

Open source & target folders

Change the browser window to the location of the source and target folder.

Expand Folder 

Show all the contents of the selected folder on new lines in the queue.

Expand All Folder 

Show the contents of all folder in the queue on new lines in the queue.


Edit the selected queue item(s).

Properties dialog

Depending on the type of item being edited the following fields are available.


File transfer



  Selective Transfer rule set
This allows you to apply a specific set of transfer rules when transferring this item.


One way
This is the default behavior.

One way with Delete
When selected any files and folders not on the source on the target will be deleted.


Source / Target

The name of the file or folder

The path where the item is located.

  Site or Local
The name of the site or Local (My Computer)


Custom command

  Command to be executed on the server.



  Folder or filename
The name of the folder or file to be deleted.
Folders have two additional settings

   Include sub-folders
By default sub-folders are deleted, when unchecked only the files in the folder are deleted.

  File Mask (*.*)
Multiple file masks can be defined separated by a semi-colon ; for example *.jpg;*.png



The file or folder to be renamed.

The name of the new file or folder.


Delete the selected item(s) from the queue.



Reorder the selected item in the queue.


Move up

Move the selected item one slot up.

Move down

Move the selected item one slot down.

Move to top

Move the selected item to the top of the queue.

Move to bottom

Move the selected item to the bottom of the queue.


Modify the status of items in the queue.

Reset Selected 

Mark the selected item so that it will be transferred when the queue is transferred.

Reset All Failed

Mark all the items that failed to transfer so that they will attempt to transfer again when the queue is transferred.

Clear All Failed 

Remove all items from the queue that have been marked as failed.

Mark As Failed 

Mark the currently selected item as failed.


Schedule At..
This provides a one-time scheduling solution to transfer or stop the current queue at a specific time.

Opens Schedule At dialog.


Displays information about the current queue.


Select this item to bring up the Restore Queue dialog.


Brings up a browse window to locate and load a queue.


Save the current queue into a file for future use.

A saved queue can be used with the FlashFXP command line to execute a certain queue as part of a schedule.

Clear Queue 

Removes all items from the current queue. This operation can not be undone.

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