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ID: 588 Category: Functionality
Title: Option to disable "Folder does not exist" popup in synchronized browsing Status: Open
Severity: Medium Version: 4.x

10-17-2011, 09:49 AM
Option to disable "Folder does not exist" popup in synchronized browsing

In older versions of FlashFXP, if the folder I was browsing to on the remote server didn't exist locally or vice versa, FlashFXP would just navigate on that pane leaving the other one where it was without any error. Now it pops up an error dialog with options to return, create the folder, or turn off synchronized browsing. However, there is no option to just navigate anyway without turning off SB. I'd really like to have that option back, especially with the ability to just set that as the default behavior. There are certain circumstances where the local and remote trees just can't be totally synced, due to different local versus remote configurations, so there might be a different folder name at one level but all the folders below that level still match.
FlashFXP Developer
10-17-2011, 12:05 PM
Re: Option to disable "Folder does not exist" popup in synchronized browsing

The synchronized browsing feature was completely rewritten to address complaints we had from customers, specifically the lack of warnings when navigating to a folder that doesn't exist or navigating outside the scope of the synchronization.

The new design is unable to allow synchronization to continue under these conditions.

The top level folder is defined when synchronization is enabled, this allows browsing of all folders within as long as the names are identical, if the names are not then synchronization is unable to continue.

Its possible to define multiple synchronization points using folder bookmarks and enabling synchronized browsing option within the bookmark.
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