View Full Version : nxautonuke: getting incomplete problem

09-10-2007, 01:00 AM
our site incomplete status bar(file) tag like a:

[SSN] - [ 8% Complete]

then i set below

set anuke(MissingExt) "*.*-missing"
set anuke(IncTag) {\[SSN\] - \[ *% Complete\]}
set anuke(Sections) {
"/GAME" 0 {
{empty {Not Used} 3 20 40}
{incomplete {Not Used} 3 60 300}
"/0DAY/%m%d" 0 {
{empty {Not Used} 3 20 40}
{incomplete {Not Used} 3 60 300}

then rar incomplete was works(could detected bad stuff by MissingExt)
but zip incomplete was not works(could not detected any inc.tag)

then i tried as other simply name like a:

set anuke(IncTag) test.incomplete

then i created a file as test.incomplete on any section for comfirm sure works or bad

but still coudlnt detected any tag file name..

someone got that problem with nxautonuke 2.5.0?

09-10-2007, 07:01 PM
nxAutoNuke only looks for directories that match anuke(IncTag), not files. You'll have to change your zipscript's settings or wait for a later nxAutoNuke release. Right now I'm busy with nxMyDB, so it will have to wait.