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Default Re: ioFTPD / DarkOne / IniCom

Originally posted by IniCom

ioFTPD Future and Development

-Jon L. Hill
President / COO
IniCom Networks Inc.
I don't post much here anymore, but I do read all the content that interests me.

- your words are promising, but words are words until they are fact.

- I as well find this non-business like way of doing business, but I don't know the contract agreement you had\have with D1 and that is none of my concern as it's with the two of you, but not knowing how to contact a vital part of any part of your daily business is "weird"!

- I give you a "GOOD FOR YOU" on your intentions to see that scriptors are looked after.

- I as well like the words of "The scripters pool will be reviewed" as there are more whom should have a shot at the "POT".

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