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Default Complete List of .ini only settings

These are the ini settings for features which are not available directly within FlashFXP. This is for good reason, as these are only for advanced users, and should not be used unless you know what you are doing. They could cause unwanted side effects.
ANSI=1        (0=off 1=on)    enables ansi support in status window
HPC=0        (0=off 1=on)    enable high thread priority class
SaveOnExit=0    (0=off 1=on)    By default settings are saved when you close the settings window, 
                when this options is set options are not saved until you exit FlashFXP.
NoStats=0    (0=off 1=on)    When set site stats are completely disabled.
security=1    (0=off 1=on)    When off Application Password Protection is not availible via the GUI.
TmpVEPath=    (path)        Designate a custom folder for temporary files when viewing/editing remote files.
                By default this path is your windows temp folder.

SKAI=45        (interval sec)    This allows you to adjust the send noop during transfer keep alive value

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