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Originally Posted by Jog
i tryed fxp to a lot of different site.

the problem is only when i try to fxp fromt this to any other, when i fxp from others to this i've NO problems
Had same problem when testing/configuring my own FTP and after a while I found out that it's a "different" problem and has nothing to do with which OS you are using or ioFTPD or any other FTPD.

You're behind a router on a LAN trying to FXP out from that same LAN to an outside FTP. You connect to the internal (LAN) IP of the FTPD from an internal (LAN) IP then trying to fxp from there to a WAN IP. Simple test is to let "outside" users try to do same and you iwll see it will fxp out, simply cuz they connect to the EXTERNAL IP and router doesn't have problems with that (that is when you set up the correct pasv range in your router and ini ioFTPD file).

There probably is someone aroudn here wjo could give a more technical correct explanation but this is the "done by a common user" one

One more remark if the above explanation is true....:
Why fxp from your lLAN to another ftp when you have same or even faster results (not as much resources. in between steps) uploading from your harddisks to outside FTP?
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