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Default FXP outgoing problem with Win2003

Hi guys,
i've a site with latest ioFTPD and i've some problems when i make FXP outgoing to other sites.

This is a Win2003 machine, the others are WinXP or Win2k.

the configuration of my ioFTPD is the same of all other sites, but with this one i had a problem when making outgoing FXP.

It transfer one file and so it blocks, i had to disconnect from ftp and relaunch my queue, so it transfer An other one file and it blocks ... and so on!
I tryed 3 different clients (UltraFXP, FlashFXP and FTPRush) but always the same problem.

My scripts are: ioA, php_psio, NewDir and others not relevant, all at the latest version.

Any idea?
The only difference between this and others site is that here i have Win2003
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