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Default Re: Timestamp-Bug


FolderE 2004-feb-28

FolderE 2005-feb-28<-- 2004 changed to 2005

0 Feb 28 08:42 FolderE
This is a client error. ioFTPD sent the right timestamp.
When no year is specified by the ftp daemon, the client should assume the specified day is the latest, in the past.
The latest Feb 28 is 2004-02-28, so your ftp client should show that.
That is, if your system clock is correct (not > 2005-02-28).
Since folder A is also a date in the future, and it was shown as 2005, I would guess your system clock was set to > 2005-02-28...
I tried in FlashFXP and the folder shows as 2/28/2004


FolderF 2004-jan-17
FolderG 2003-mar-15
FolderH 2003-feb-04
FolderI 2003-jan-04
FolderJ 2002-dec-03

FolderF 2005-jan-17<-- 2004 changed to 2005
FolderG 2004-mar-15<-- 2003 changed to 2004
FolderH 2005-feb-04<-- 2003 changed to 2005
FolderI 2005-jan-04<-- 2003 changed to 2005
FolderJ 2004-dec-03<-- 2002 changed to 2004

0 Jan 17 08:31 FolderF
0 Dec 03 08:11 FolderJ
0 Feb 04 08:12 FolderH
0 Jan 04 08:11 FolderI
0 Mar 15 08:33 FolderG
Those are indeed bad. iofTPD should have sent years in the dates in the raw listing. I reproduced this behaviour.


<---- missing FolderE---->
<---missing all other folders---->
Client issue. If ioFTPD sent correctly formated dates, then the client should parse them and show them.
FlashFXP doesn't have a problem showing all the folders with those dates here.
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