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Default multithreaded transfer


It would be GREAT if flashFXP could support multithreaded transfers. For example when transfering a large number of very small files, multithreaded transfering could speed up the process a LOT.

I realize you dont like to change the GUI, and I understand why, it has everything you need, and I would hate getting it destroyed by a new menu for multithreading. Thats why I have another suggestion:

Lets say you drag a folder to the FTP site with your right mouse button, flashFXP could then pop up a new menu with a few options, such as multithreaded transfers. If you select multithreaded transfer a small input box could show up and ask for the numer of prefered threads, or something like that.

The numbers of threads could then be controlled by a small textfield located somewhere near the queue.

These are just my suggestions, but it yould be really nice if you implemented multithreaded transfers, in some way
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