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Default !reqfilled number problem

I got this problem maybe someone will help to solve it

Who got dzsbot.tcl then knows how !reqadd number works it shows something like that :
[REQUEST] + test added by x.

script is written like that it gets the info to show this:
"-%sitename- \[REQUEST\] + %bold%request%bold added by %bold%user%bold (dzsbot.tcl)

As the default for FILLED REQUEST ON IRC for cmd !reqfilled number only send u notice that a request number has been filled
Now my question is how to change the script at section
FILLED REQUEST ON IRC to get this info:
[REQFILLED] + test has been filled by x@grp

it takes info from here:
"-%sitename- \[REQFILLED\] + %bold%request%bold has been filled by %bold%user%bold@%group(dzsbot.tcl)

Please help
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