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Default sitewho.exe doesnt work fine!!


that's da problem:

when i write !speed <username>
the bot write:

(if user is idle)

Inferno- [SPEED] User @has is been idle @ for kb/sec
Inferno- [SPEED] 0@uploads, is 0 downloads @ kb/sec

(if user is uploading)

-Inferno- [SPEED] + Takkero@is is uploading yu-gi-oh! @ Episode kb/sec
-Inferno- [SPEED] + Takkero@has is been idle @ forkb/sec
-Inferno- [SPEED] + 1@uploads, is 0 downloads @ kb/sec

in simple words the exe doenst respect the templates!!!!

how to solve it?

i try to ask to addict but he dont help me!

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