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Default Database accessibility

Those that have been on irc, know what I've been cooking for you this week.

Users, groups and propably various of other things will have native database support in next io. Instead of static structure types that are currently used (USERFILE, GROUPFILE), all database structures will be dynamic (DATABASE_TABLE, DATABASE_ROW, DATABASE_VALUE). This means, that scripts will be able to store custom data inside these databases, and they can rely on that it will be stored to same location with other data. (With SQL module, data that scripts stores will go to SQL database. And with AD module, it goes to AD database.)

Supported data types are: LONG, ULONG, LPSTR, LPWSTR, UINT64, INT64, DOUBLE, FLOAT, PBYTE, vector.

DATABASE_VALUE: contains either vector or one of the supported data types
vector: array of DATABASE_VALUEs

I will post examples of usage, once I have the interface done.
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