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Default queue likes to stop between transfers to different sites

Got a problem here, could be a user bug or the other kind :P

So, i queue up some stuff site to site, then i switch to local browser on the right and queue it up locally. Rinse, repeat.

When I tell it transfer queue, it goes just fine for the first folder queue'd up..then when it goes to switch to a different site or to switch to the local browser, it likes to just stop. Output:

226 Transfer complete.
Transferred 4 files totaling 60,000,000 bytes in 05:02 (195.40 KB/Sec)

No errors or anything, it just seems to think its done, and it's not. When I hit 'GO' it starts right back up til the next speedbump. It doesn't happen every time, but a large percentage of the time (or maybe all of the time, but i don't watch the stuff when i start the transfer that much). Again, it happens when it goes to switch to a different site in the queue or to the local browser.

Any Ideas?
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