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jeza, hey man, you done a greate job sofar

listen up, I need to midify the transfer script code, I dont want it to check for password when you do this command !transfer nick pass 100 FROM TO ... the reason is I need a transfer script between ioFTPD and openftpd, since theese two dont use same encryption or whatever, iojshow doesnt decifer the openftpd password correctly which is quite understandable...

from what I understand this is the part of the code that I need to modify... jeza you or maybe someone else here can help...

set u_pass ""
set u_f_credits 0

foreach line $data {
set bla [split $line]
if { [string tolower [lindex $bla 0]] == "password"} {
set u_pass "[lindex $bla 1]"
if { [string tolower [lindex $bla 0]] == "credits"} {
set u_f_credits "[lindex $bla 1]"
};#foreach line

if {[::sha1::sha1 [lindex $text 1]] == $u_pass} {
if { $iojTQ(debug) } { putlog "..iojTQ...: PASSWD OK" }
} else {
if { $iojTQ(debug) } { putlog "..iojTQ...: PASSWD WRONG" }

I know site commands arent the same but I´can modify that part my self... plss jeza I need this just need to disable the password check...
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