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iojSHOW shouldn´t need to be replaced right? i´s not been updated as far as i can see.
hm, sounds good it works Eazy, hopefully it will for me 2 when i try it tonight

jeza, i have a little feat. request list :
well, basicly this script do almost everything my "info-bot" do today, ( !sections, !bnc !help)
so speaking for myself, it would be very nice if it could replace it totally
I remember i read in this thread someone wanted a welcome measage in this script but you didn´t want that.
Well, here´s another try
* Yes, welcome mesage would be nice.
* Able to easilly add more in the !help section
* Make it trigger on textfiles set in the config.
ex. !faq etc
Dont forget santa watch you all year, so be nice now ^^

Id like you to have a check on this post by me if you find some time:
Script developers, look here.
Thanks for a very nice work sofar!!

Well i guess it´s a new iojSHOW, in the iojTQ package
And i´ve read your upgrade.txt, so no need for the link either i think
And another reason for my feat. request-list would be i haven´t found any small "textfile-trigger-script" that handle Blowfish.
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