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I agree ping timeouts are a pain and hard to live with...

Besides ping timeouts i just lost time to time on !quotas the users which havent passed yet arent announced the NEXT MONTH and PASSED are announced and the NOT PASSED are missing ... didn`t change nothing it just stopped working today

And one more thing when script sends those noops and savinc stuff when i have alot of sites it`s a big loss of time can it be made that cmds have priority to send to channel, not that users must wait that bot saves userfiles/syslog files then does his noops for all sites than the users gets his respond to his command it`s a pain already by 6 sites ... i don`t imagine it running by 10 or more then users can wait about 4 mins or even more and thats not the nice thing

Others is fine for now and great script

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