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Originally posted by Reloaded
fuscao - that u have made ... is 100% ok for me

would u mind tell us howto ?

about the quilty .. its based on how much the picute is compressed so no compression would give a score (lets say) 10
and if and the .jpg is compressed like 60% .. the score is only 4

(score = quility)

lets take your eksamble: [JPEG iNFO] - [Resolution: 1024x960]+[Color Depth: 24bits]+[Compression: 90/100]
Resolution is low if for use to DVDCover print so that would couse a low score, and a high compression lvl also make the score low

so total quality would be around 2/10 (or how your wanne make the quality specification)

better understand me now ?

[JPEG iNFO] - [Resolution: 3240*2153 ]+[Color Depth: 24bits]+[Compression: 50/100]

above should then give a score around 8/10 ...

... Reloaded To The Max ...
well not sure ... but if you can send me the script for gl itself would be better
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