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Default [REQ] irc command to work togheter

Well I got an idea goin.

I want !reqfilled <number> in irc same as in site reqfilled <number>

Ok i know this only can be done by the sitebot.
But maybe we can work a way around it.
like ppl have to put !reqfilled first before they could fxp.
If not permission denied.(something with chmod)?

or a message like u only can transfer when you do !reqfilled <number>.

So than the user has done the request instead of the sitebot.
Only diffrence is they must do it first.And only in that filled dir can be fxped so not in request root.

If someone could create such a script.I would be glad and jumping for joy
And i don't think i stand alone.

ps. If not to much to ask workable with iobanana too hehe)
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