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Default Confused about the Version


I am reall confused - i have heard some people talking about a version 1.4.4 (build 849) of FlashFxP so i tryed the Auto Update function but it says it is uptodate - so i thought maybe there are so many things changed that i need a new installation of it - instead of a update (like i did the last 3 times) - but there was nothing to find on the page here ether - so now i am really confused.

Is it somekind of fake release they use - no official - maybe even with some kind of spying build in that sends the stored sites to somewhere?

I got told that the sites.dat also is crypted now - I noticed that cause i am a mIRC scriptor - and it is normar in many scripts to read out the stats from FlashFxP to show how much you have fxp'ed, downloaded and uploaded - and that doenst work anymore.

I would really like to now what is up with it.

-Greatings NiTu

-- btw. I am using 1.4.3 (build 835) what apears to be the newest one - Operating System Windows 2000 professional.
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