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Ok I'll do my ioFTPD.ini file from scratch tomorrow to be sure. I did it today by commenting out the v19 lines just in case I needed to go back to 19. For example:

#user = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe closed
#pass = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe ban
#retr = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe limiter
#mkd = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe dupecheck_dir
#mkd = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe checkdenypre
#stor = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.19\ioBanana.exe pre_stor
user = %EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe closed %[$service]
pass = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe ban
retr = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe limiter
mkd = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe dupecheck_dir
mkd = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe checkdenypre
stor = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe sc 50
stor = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.20.RC1\ioBanana.exe pre_stor I guess it's possible I messed something up somewhere but I was pretty sure I didn't because I double-checked everything and also the right ioBanana.exe is being called (verified with firewall). I'd do it now but it's late and I'm sleepy.
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