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Smile Please some help

Somehow i dont get it to work as it suppose to be

If i am right settings should be as stated in readme like

user = TCL ..\scripts\iojU\iojU.itcl
user = @uinfo

user = *
uinfo = *

But what about the :

uinfo = 1M

in [FTP_SITE_Permissions] should it just stay there or get commented or what kind of flags need to be added there?

Can someone tell me the right settings so it will work?

Cause right atm people using site user it says at uinfo Access denied and only shows :

[R] 200- Date Added.: System
[R] 200- VFS........:
[R] 200- AdminGroup.: BLA
[R] 550 'SITE uinfo': Access denied.

But when i do uinfo = * in [FTP_SITE_Permissions]

site user works fine but all users are able when using site uinfo to get all info from every user they want!
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