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Default Need a little help on PRE setup...

from iOA cfg:

Pre_Area_0 = "dvdr|movie section|H:\_VFtpdRoot\_dvdr|/dvdr|0"
Pre_Group_0 = "GRP1|dvdr|/_groups/GRP1/*|106|102|ufo"

from ioftpd.ini:

pre = 1G <---rights for pre cmd

i have set /_groups/GRP1 as private path with following rights:

=GRP1 1M !*

when i login with the gadmin of GRP1 and make a dir called test.pre under /_groups/ and then make a raw cmd "site pre test.pre dvdr" then i get

site pre test.pre dvdr
200- Not allowed to pre from here

What am i doing wrong??? or what have i missed
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