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Default FTPServerTools NewDay

NewDay is creating new dirs with the wrong owner and perms. I see the NewVFS/OldVFS part of the FTPServerTools.ini but it says that part is not needed for ioFTPD v4.9.x and up. Do I need to use it anyway or something? I'm using ioFTPD v5.8.5r, NewDay v1.0.10, and FTPServerTools.ini v1.0.31.

NewVFS=!vfs:add 777 0:0
; command being performed on the newly created dirs
OldVFS=!vfs:add 755 0:0
; command being performed on the older dirs (Today-DaysBack) so if its 31-jan it works on 30-jan
; Not needed for ioFTPD 4.9.x and up.
# Default attributes for files & directories
# Required Parameters: <filemode> <owner uid>:<owner gid>

Default_Directory_Attributes = 550 103:101
Default_File_Attributes = 550 103:101
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