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file exists has meaning tho i check if file incomplete exists to rename it cause if its not there it will return an error also normal i check for the other file but sinds it is no use cause the pre doesn't work well left it out ..

if u check the error u would know cause it cant be renamed it is saying can't rename cause file allready exists witch means it is renameing it

i could check if the target file exists or use -force but sinds the file is openend for writing, .. wouldn't do mutch good .. so .. no point realy i could check if the traget file is there in order to prevent an error but still my problem remains all it would do is not return an error

also pre does exist cause it is triggerd if it would not exist then it wouldn't trigger that it is not pre that i know cause it is executed after the event also i tryed lrange and if u wana use lrange u should also add join other wize it has no effect cause then u get { } on spaces witch is not the idea .. sinds i wana make it work first then worry about the spaces i used lindex .. sinds there are no spaces in my current path.

[join [lrange $arg 2 end]]

other wize it will only add {}

i know about string map and regsub but there is nothing u can change by replacing {} to [] and the code will be executed then just mapped .. also all i need to do is replace so ..
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