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Default Need help

As some of you've read I'm suffering from serious noise problems. (it's so loud sound, that it might actually create rift in space-time continuum... or it might just drive me crazy, not sure which is worse )

I decided to prevent that happening by buying new heatsinks on cpus. Unfortunately those that I was particulary intersted in were out of stock at .fi, and they aren't restocking heatsinks from that manufacturer until june

Everything would be simple, if I had credit card... however, I do not have such So, what I need is someone to work as my courier & order them for me. There's one shop in France, that has price way below all other shops I checked inside europe.

I will be paying every related costs: products, shipping & handling, and few euros extra (or license ) for helping me out.

Swiftech MCX603-V (two of them)

The 'cheap' one:
Reseller list:
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