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Default ioA Request and dzs sitebot

Using 5.8.5r, ioA, dzsbot and PHP Psio, latest eggdrop. ioFTPD and eggdrop is not started as a service.

Cant get the request part from #channel to work. When i type !reqadd, !reqfilled, !requests or any other related command i get no output whatsoever and no request is created or listed.

The config parts is as follows.
From ioA:
Request_File = "e:\xxxxx\requests\.ioFTPD.message"
(the file is present and the path is the same in dzsbot.tcl. It´s write protected and hidden. Also tested without write protection and hidden attributes, no show.)

Request_Excluded_User_0 = "sitebot" (not mentioned in the setup manual, is it important?)

Request_IRC_Uid = 0
Request_IRC_Gid = 0

From dzsbot.tcl:

set paths(Requests) "/Requests/*"
set type(Requests) "RACE"
set chanlist(Requests) "#xxxxx"

set ioa(REQFILE) "e:\xxxxx\requests\.ioFTPD.message"

Ohhh, i´m a +o user on the eggdrop too:-)....

Hope this info is enuff, please tell me if more is needed. To be honest i´m not 100% sure this is an issue with ioA but i´ve tried every other way to solve it.
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