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Oki, started the eggie with command site sitebot in FlashFXP, line in ioFTPD.ini is "sitebot = EXEC c:\windrop\eggdrop.exe", also tried with -nt switch.
The response from ioFTPD was:

"site sitebot
200-[15:27] LANG: No lang files found for section core.
200-[15:27] --- Loading eggdrop v1.6.13 (Fri Apr 16 2004)
200-[15:27] * MSG534
200-Eggdrop v1.6.13 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2002 Eggheads
200 Command successful." No eggdrop was started though, checked in Task Manager. No command window was opened either.

MSG534 is making me curious, is that an ioFTPD thingie or something related to the eggdrop? Did a search but couldnt find any info about it.

EDIT: The eggie starts and works just fine if i start it from a normal command window, either with or without -nt switch.
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