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Tried the method of configuring for

OnFtpLogIn = EXEC D:\ioFTPD\windrop\HideRun.exe D:\ioFTPD\windrop\botchk.bat (Yes, i changed the paths) didnt work.

Tried SITEBOT = EXEC D:\ioFTPD\windrop\HideRun.exe D:\ioFTPD\windrop\botchk.bat, added a ftp_site_command sitebot = 1M, excuted the command, says command succesful, but the eggie never starts:-(....

Added to ioftpd.env:

EDIT: When i start the eggie in a command window with hiderun.exe eggdrop.exe -nt or hiderun.exe botchk.bat it works totally OK, so why not when i´m using the same syntax inside ioFTPD?
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