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Originally posted by Harm
The first one looks like a shared memory problem.
Since sitewho.exe can't find the ioFTPD window, i guess you're running ioFTPD as a service. You might want to read this.
You are absolutely correct, i´m running ioFTPD as a service invoked from FireDaemon Pro 1.6 GA:-)...i´ll try to use the "interact with desktop" feature. Actually i´m running the eggdrop as a service also, with parameters -nt, but that´s got nothing to do with this, or?

Otherwise, how do i go about to start the bot with a site command then?

And how can i check if the bot is actually connected to the server OK? Cant find anything in site who? But some commands are working, like !uptime, so i guess it´s somewhat connected to the server?
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