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Default Trouble with a few triggers

Got ioFTPD 5.8.5r, ioA, DZSBot, PHP PSio as "major" scripts installed. Most of it works OK, but there´s a few issues with DZSBot. Some of the triggers dont announce properly, and i wonder if someone could point me in the correct direction.

The !who trigger creates: "ERROR: initialization failed (is ioFTPD running?) Command Successful."

Also all of the other triggers related to sitewho.exe fails, for example !bw: BW] + Uploaders: initialization@ERROR:kb/sec - Leechers: (is@failedkb/sec - Idlers:ioFTPD - Total: @running?)kb/sec

Any idea what i´ve done wrong? I´ve gone through the configs dozens of times but no show.

Second, all of the request related triggers, like reqadd, reqfilled, reqdel and so on, gives no feedback whatsoever. All quiet on the Western front there. I´ve checked so the .ioFTPD.message file exists.

Third, ocscript works OK, but does not announce in #channel when site close or site open invoked from FlashFXP. I´ve checked the config a lot of times there too, but cant find anything wrong. Obviously there is

All commands works fine from inside the site through FlashFXP.
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