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Default Re: Comparing files' dates

Originally posted by brigcam
I mainly use FlashFXP to upload files to my website, I've set the options in "when file exists" so that the files get uploaded when they're different in size, so that i can simply queue the whole site and FlashFXPs uploads only the files which have modified size (ie that have changed).

Tho, at times i make only slightly changes to the html files so that the size remains the same, and i have to manually select and upload them. So I'd like to ask for an option like "upload if local file is newer" or something like that.
We have been looking into ways to provide this solution, however when you've got upload, download, fxp, size or date, the end result becomes a complex mess. There is no easy way to configure these type of setup, it's 3D. One consideration we have considered is a script based file exist rule.


Also in order for file date comparing to work FlashFXP must set the remote file date after transfer complete. Otherwise a date compare would be useless.

Research and developement of this will take some time.

Another cool option would be something like "synchronize dirs", so that files i delete locally would get deleted also remotely: FlashFXP would compare the directories' listings and automatically remove from the FTP site those files which have no correspondance in the local directory.
FlashFXP was not designed for this type of file synchronization, However we will consider this for future releases.

File Compare or rather Folder Compare is intended for comparing the two active folders against each other. It was not ment to check sub-folders.
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