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Originally posted by GIT
Yep, sure VFS system is ok to mount various disk path, but it is better (i think) to work with native windows .lnk files when u have to manage manually hundreds & hundreds of virtual path links.

For example if you organize well (i.e. better than the classic scripts around which make only basic organisation) ur mp3 archive by artists/genre/grp/year/labels/etc etc
i think ioFTPd's linking (site chattr +l) is more than ample. it's just a matter a script being able to do what you want it to, because you're either saying
a) you are willing to make 1029802938809 .lnk shortcuts to folders to make your ftp setup look pretty
b) you want a script that makes .lnk to make your ftp look pretty

if it's A, then you surely have enough time to site chattr +l all the folders
if it's B, then you'll find that scripts already do this. and if youre *exact* script requirement doesn't exist, request it. but i really don't see .lnk functionality as anything close to useful, it's more of a security risk than anything else.
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