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Originally posted by toki
ah another one...

dyndns support... so io resolves dns (like in ip1 to --> cuurent IP and then check for that ip. yes i know its no that easy and if there are several dyndns entries... but i think dns servers a made for lots of dns requests so... maybe as option... but would be nice alternative to ident using.

I'll rather look at possibility of limiting account to certain client certificates. Use of certificate would obselete both ip-check and password check providing superior protection. (This does obiviously require client certificate support from client software... and I don't think there's any, that is capable of doing that yet ) I will be looking closer to this feature, when I'll begin the work with SSL encrypted site to site transfers.

I don't plan to implement dyndns support to ips, since there are several drawbacks that I prefer not even try to explain. However, there's one trick that should work: Create a script that goes through all users, resolves hosts that match certain wildcards (such as *, * & dumps resolved information to HOSTS file in "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc". This should make io to resolve the 'dyndns' address from client ip, instead of resolving client's real host.... neat uhh?
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