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thanks mouton, strange how that effected it

save this to urlget.bat
@echo off
if %2.==. goto showsyntax

echo !detach 0
..\scripts\urlget\wget.exe --quiet --tries=3 --directory-prefix=%1 --timeout=30 --waitretry=5 -nd %2

echo ---[site urlget help]--------------
echo usage: site urlget url
echo example: site urlget
echo -----------------------------------
goto end

in ioFTPD.ini:
urlget = %EXEC ..\scripts\path\to\urlget.bat "%[$path]"
urlget = !A *
(or whatever perms you wanna give it)

and as mentioned by mouton, make sure these 2 lines are in your ioftpd.env:

... restart io. note: you need wget.exe to be in the same directory as this batch file. also note that there is no CUI output after the process detaches from IO. this is so if you are downloading a large file with urlget you can still move about the ftp... obviously you can edit the code if you don't like it that way.

i use WGet 1.9.1 BTW, get wget here
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