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i wrote a simple batch file for this, in hopes of sharing it, but stumbled across something that puzzled me

in ioFTPD.ini:
urlget = %EXEC ..\scripts\urlget\urlget.bat "%[$path]"

code is
@echo off
if %2.==. goto showsyntax

echo FOR TESTING ::: ..\scripts\urlget\wget.exe --tries=3 --directory-prefix=%1 --timeout=30 --waitretry=5 -nd %2
..\scripts\urlget\wget.exe --tries=3 --directory-prefix=%1 --timeout=30 --waitretry=5 -nd %2
goto end

echo ---[site urlget help]--------------
echo usage: site urlget url
echo example: site urlget
echo -----------------------------------
goto end

called from ..\ioftpd\system, the command sent is:
site urlget
sends params:

..\scripts\urlget\wget.exe --tries=3 --directory-prefix="F:\current\ftpd\path" --timeout=30 --waitretry=5 -nd ""

strangely enough though, wget fails. however, if I i load cmd to ..\ioftpd\system and call "..\scripts\urlget\wget.exe --tries=3 --directory-prefix=%1 --timeout=30 --waitretry=5 -nd %2
manually wget succeeds. something is impeding wget from resolving the host when called from ioFTPD, but I don't see why?

any idea's anybody?
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