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Exclamation [REQ] Temporary Fix for ioShareDB Issues

Since ioShareDB apparently is discontinued (which btw is a pity, it was the start of something good) and since ioBv20 will be supporting such modules, we have to start working with what we've got. I'm putting a request for a couple of batchfiles that would make using ioShareDB a bit faster..

Now this is just to make adding users easier and faster..

on: site grpadduser group1 user1 password1 ident@ip

exec site grpadd group1
if "500 group1: Group already exists."
goto adduser
if "200 grpadd Command successful."
goto adduser

exec site adduser user1 password1 ident@ip
if "200 adduser Command successful."
goto chgrp

exec site chgrp user1 group1
if "200- User 'user1' has been successfully added to 'group1' group.
200 chgrp Command successful."
goto change

exec site change user1 ratio 3
exec site change user1 logins 2

could when finished also echo all what's been done..


addmember.bat (for affils)

Using ioShareDB also makes life quite messy for the affils. When a groupadmin adds a new member, the member first of all is added with leech and secondly is added to group 'null', which then would have to be changed by an op.

Anyone wanna suggest how such an algoritm would look like? Or perhaps someone allready has made such a .bat/.exe? *bump*

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