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And yes the file_id.diz can be read (in fact it already is being read completely to parse the count out using some pattern matching similar to project-zs just better).
For the date I would first need to gather the various date formats. It is more tricky then the count tho since 01-02-03 is not always clear, it could be 1 feb 2003 or 2 jan 2003 or even 2002 feb 01 etc... So only an intelligent check with the current date and the point that the current date isnt supposed to be too far away from the diz date could guess the right date. As I looked basically in about 70% I could extract the date from the diz and if not available from the nfo. Those 30% is the problem..

And Mouton I dont use the file dates, it would fail too often since sometimes the dates are several years back or in advance. The algorithm is similar to what I suspect zipclean uses. Try it on a regular release and you'll see it works quite well.

Maybe I can make an OnComplete mover... That might be usefull. It'd have to think about how to implement the date recognition in case of unrecognisable dates (the 30%).

I havent looked into the keep/skipfiels from zr tools. The nfo name is also partially deducted from the dirname.
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