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Default FTPLogger update, now adds zipcleaning

Ok I just added a small thing.. Zipcleaning...
How does it work?
Use FTPServerTools.ini..
Clean=TRUE (or FALSE) to actually allow cleaning to happen.
CleanComments=TRUE (or FALSE) to clean the global zip comment
CleanFileComments=TRUE (or FALSE) to clean the file comments of the files in the zip
CleanExtraNfo=TRUE (or FALSE) to clean extra nfo's in the file, the proper nfo will be kept.
SkipFile=c:\program files\zipclean\purge.txt (clean the files mentioned in this skipfile).
KeepFile=c:\program files\ioftpd\scripts\extractnfo.txt (keep these files in the nfo and dont clean them out).

O yes it is fast, due to the point that FTPLogger parses the zipfiles with my own algorithms.

As a nice side effect it corrects some badly created zipfiles by some other tool as well.
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