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Originally posted by Zer0Racer
But please explain to me why it has to be with those double /*/* at the end. I wouldn't allow MKD in any DVD1, DISC1 dirs. Or am I missing something here?
In fact, to make it more understandable, the last star is not needed:

MakeDir = */CD?/*/* !*
should be
MakeDir = */CD?/*/ !*

But since * means anything, including nothing, having a trailing * doesn't change anything.

And that was also the problem with your old rules...
MakeDir = */CD?/* !*
is equivalent to
MakeDir = */CD?/ !*
and would match MKD /somedir/CD1/
so nobody could MKD a CD1 dir anywhere...

By adding another dir level, we deny MKD of any subdir inside a CD? dir:
MakeDir = */CD?/*/* !*
would match MKD /somedir/CD1/some.other.dir/
but not MKD /somedir/CD1/
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