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To take things even further, and use my trial and error on */dir/* ...

To block any dir between CD4 and CD9 (anywhere) plus blocking MKD inside any CD1 -> CD9 dir (as above):

MakeDir = */CD[1-9]/*/* !*
MakeDir = */CD[4-9]/* !*

And maybe to never allow more than two dvdr discs:
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DISC[1-9]/*/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DVD[1-9]/*/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DISC[3-9]/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DVD[3-9]/* !*

Or if you never wanna allow more than 1 disc dvdr:
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DISC[1-9]/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DVD[1-9]/* !*

Basically the same set of rules used in different situations.

To block upload of files directly in section dir but still allow new dirs and upload in those new dirs...
Upload = /DVDR/*/*/* *
Upload = /DVDR/*/* !*
Upload = /REQUESTS/*/*/* *
Upload = /REQUESTS/*/* !*

Looks crazy, but it works.

Anymore ideas on what could be done?
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