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Originally posted by Mouton
The right syntaxt for Zer0's suggestions for makedir would be:

MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DVD?/*/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DISC?/*/* !*
MakeDir = */CD?/*/* !*

Otherwise, you won't even be able to MKD CDx dirs at all...
Ah, point taken. My syntax would mess upp dirs like /incoming/dvdr But please explain to me why it has to be with those double /*/* at the end. I wouldn't allow MKD in any DVD1, DISC1 dirs. Or am I missing something here?

Also to be more precise and only match numbers for the missing character could be to use CD[1-9] and DVD[1-9] etc.

Edit: Replaced CD[123456789] with CD[1-9].
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