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To continue this little io tips n tricks...

To deny download of contents in nuked dirs, but allow nfo-files:
Download = */[[]NUKED]-*/*.nfo *
Download = */[[]NUKED]-* !*

To deny download of your site tags (if they are files, not dirs):
Download = */[[]Site]* !*

Change those to match your site.

Dunno how to deny download of dirs. I think ftp clients only take the name of the dir and makes MKD <that dir> on target, instead of RETR <dirname>. So the site tags (dirs) would still end up on other sites if users, without proper skiplist set, downloads from your site.

Another thing comes into mind that could be used - denying MKD in dirs like CD1, CD2 that would create Some.rel-ZERO/CD1/CD1 or similar:

MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DVD[1-9]/*/* !*
MakeDir = /DVDR/*/DISC[1-9]/*/* !*
MakeDir = */CD[1-9]/*/* !*

Edit: Added the DVD? and DISC? too. Stealing Moutons ideas here.
Edit2: Corrected dvdr rules etc.
Edit3: Replaced CD[123456789] (and CD?) with CD[1-9] etc.

Note: Why does it have to be [[]NUKED]-* instead of [NUKED]-* ?

[NUKED]-* would try to match dirs named N-*, U-*, K-* etc.
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