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Originally posted by Mouton
if u paste line 30 to 40 of config.php, i could probably point the error.
$ioftpd_log = "d:\\ioftpd\\logs\\ioftpd.log";
$group_dirs = "";
$zip_dirs = "/Incoming/SVCD/ /Incoming/VCD";
$sfv_dirs = "/Request/ /Incoming/Music_Vids/ /Incoming/VCD/ /Incoming/SVCD/ /Incoming/Games/ /Incoming/Apps/";
$nocheck_dirs = "/Incoming/Audio/";

/* This defines section cookie , its case-sensitive
$sections = "MP3 VCD SVCD GAMES APPS Music_Vids REQUEST";
$section["MP3"] = /Incoming/Audio/";
$section["VCD"] = "/Incoming/VCD/";
$section["SVCD"] = "/Incoming/SVCD/";
$section["Music_Vids"] = "/Incoming/Music_Vids/";
$section["GAMES"] = "/Incoming/Games/";
$section["APPS"] = "/Incoming/Apps/";
$section["REQUEST"] = "/Request/";

There is a bunch from the Config.
When i posted what i had for 36 , that was according to MS Word. I dont know if that is really the line 36 it is referring to. Does the debug count the lines that are commented out towards its number or no? Jus a side q.
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