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Default [ ] in site name causes import problems

I am using the 'FlashFXP v1.2 or 1.3' import tool to import some FTP sites, and it seems that sites with [ or ] in the name cause problems for the importer. The sites are being imported into a folder called MySites, so the import file looks like this:
[MySites [_WeirdFTPName_]]

Whenever I import sites into MySites, I always delete the MySites folder first (so I don't have to answer all the replacement confirmations). However, when there is [ or ] in the name, I get a replacement confirmation (even though the site has been deleted already).

And while we are talking about the replacement confirmations, I think it would be good to add a 'Yes to All' and/or a 'No to All' button. This way you don't have to bother deleting all the duplicate sites first.

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